50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures

Inspire your very youngest writers with these kindergarten writing prompts with pictures. In kindergarten, children learn to write a sentence, often with adult help. These picture-based prompts will get them thinking. Each picture includes five great prompts to go with it.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures 50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures

Writing Prompts About Reading

Kindergartners love listening to books and looking at photos, even if they haven't yet mastered the skill of reading. Books can also be a great source of inspiration for writing, even if students only write a single sentence. This picture and the prompts that go with it will help.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • What kinds of books do you like?
  • Write about someone who reads to you.
  • If I wrote a book, it would be about….
  • Reading is great because….
  • Where is your favorite place to read?

Kindergarten Writing Prompts About the Zoo

By kindergarten, most kids have gone to the zoo or read about a trip to the zoo. They can use this experience and the picture below for inspiration as they explore narrative writing, forming an opinion, and writing fiction.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • Have you been to the zoo? Tell me about it.
  • My favorite animal is _______ because….
  • One day, a family of meerkats had some fun. What did they do?
  • Should animals be in the zoo? Why?
  • Pick an animal. What if it could talk?

Adventure Writing Prompts for Kindergartners

Everyone loves an adventure! These prompts ask kids to imagine an exciting time, explore expository writing, or give an opinion. Either way, they will be inspired!

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • One day, two kids made a house in the woods. What happened next?
  • Have you ever been camping? What happened?
  • What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you?
  • How do you feel about nature?
  • How do you think these kids made this hut?

Kindergarten Writing Prompts About Dreams

Kids can explore their dreams and sleep with this peaceful and inspiring set of prompts. Inspired by the photo below, kindergartners can practice narratives, expository writing, and more.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • What is the last dream you remember?
  • How do you fall asleep?
  • What does your bedroom look like?
  • If you could pick a dream, what would happen?
  • One night, a girl had a dream it was opposites day….

Writing Prompts About Family

Family is a great inspiration to many kindergartners, who may be out in the world on their own for the first time. These ideas help kids share about the most important people in their lives.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • Pick a parent. What does that parent look like?
  • Write about the people in your family.
  • Do you ever visit family far away? Who are they?
  • What does your family do together?
  • What do your parents do when you're at school?

Kindergarten Writing Prompts About Growing Things

Kindergartners are very aware of the growing things in the world, since they are growing too. This kind of change is inspiring, and it lets kids explore everything from personal reflection to expository writing.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • What do plants need to grow?
  • How do you grow?
  • Is love important for growing? Why?
  • Have you ever grown anything?
  • If you could plant anything, what would you plant?
kindergarten writing prompts with pictures

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Birthday Writing Prompts for Kindergartners

Birthdays are a big deal for young kids, and kindergartners love to talk about celebrations and getting older. Use these picture prompts to explore this fun idea.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • How did you feel on your last birthday?
  • If you could plan a party, what would it be like?
  • Have you been to a birthday party?
  • What is the best age? Why?
  • What kind of cake do you like? Why?

Kindergarten Writing Prompts About Babies

By the time they reach kindergarten, many kids have a younger sibling or cousin. If not, they have met babies in their community. These younger kids remind them of what they have learned and offer inspiration for some great writing.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • What were you like when you were a baby?
  • Do you know any babies? What are they like?
  • What did you like to play with when you were a baby?
  • How do you take care of a baby?
  • What do you like about babies? What don't you like?

Writing Prompts About Outer Space

Space is an exciting topic for young kids, since there's so much to learn and so much yet to discover. These picture writing prompts will inspire kids to work on fiction and nonfiction writing.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • Would you want to be an astronaut? Why or why not?
  • Imagine a beautiful planet. What is it like?
  • Do you think aliens exist?
  • Do you know any planets or stars? What do you know about them?
  • Have you ever looked at the stars at night? What did you think?

Kindergarten Writing Prompts About Friends

Kindergartners are social and really enjoy their time with friends. These picture writing prompts help them think about friendship in new ways.

50 Kindergarten Writing Prompts With Pictures
  • What makes a good friend?
  • What do you like to do with your friends?
  • Pick a friend. How did you meet that friend?
  • Friends should….
  • How do you make a friend?

See the Joy in Writing

Writing is a great way to help kids learn new concepts and use their sight words in context. These fun picture prompts will help the youngest writers see the joy in expressing themselves in words.

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