GMAT Sample Questions


GMAT refers to the Graduate Management Admission Test, administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC. It is a required exam for admission to the MBA programs at most European, US, and Canadian business schools. GMAT test results can also be used for admission to PhD programs at Harvard Business School. The test measures a student’s language and writing skills, and quantitative abilities. It is offered throughout the year at test centers nationwide. The test is taken on a computer and scores are available immediately upon completion of the test.

Preparing for Your GMAT

There are a number of actions you should take to prepare for your GMAT.

  • Give yourself a simple math refresher. Many people taking the GMAT have been out of school for a while. The GMAT will expect you to know basic math, as well as algebra and geometry. If you don't remember your formulas, a simple refresher course with your high school math textbooks can do you a world of good.
  • Review vocabulary lists to get familiar with the words you may be tested on. Vocabulary is another key to success on the GMAT.
  • Understand the computer adaptive format. The test is administered on a computer, which means you cannot skip questions. You also can't underline or write on the test paper. When you practice and prepare at home, make sure you also follow those rules so they won't be a shock to you on test day.

The most important thing to remember is that practice makes perfect. The more GMAT questions you do before the day of the test, the better your score will be.


GMAT Sample Questions

Here are some links to practice GMAT questions to help get you started:

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  • Test Prep Preview - Their free online GMAT practice tests and course work are heavily focused on "self-help" and "self-assessment." They recognize that there is great diversity in learning styles and offer something to help everyone learn to succeed on the GMAT.
  • Education Planner - This website offers GMAT tips and strategies, and PDF practice tests for all of the GMAT sections.
  • GMATtestquestions - Provides information on registering for the GMAT, as well as tips on preparing for the GMAT. Quantitative tests, verbal tests, and analytical writing tests are also available.
  • PlatinumGMAT - They provide hundreds of world-class practice GMAT questions with detailed explanations, study guides, and a GMAT practice test, all for free. Tests include problem solving questions, data sufficiency questions, sentence correction questions, critical reasoning questions, and reading comprehension questions.
  • AdmissionsConsultants - Includes preparation tips, test day tips, a writing assessment, and sample GMAT questions covering writing assessment, problem solving, data sufficiency, sentence construction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension.
  • GMATCAT - Their courses are updated frequently to stay current. They claim to always be the first company to include the most recent types of question and matches their tests with the current level of difficulty of a real GMAT test.
  • GMATScore - Although this company offers paid tutoring service, they also offer a number of free options such as e-lessons, forums, and free sample questions.