4th Grade Grammar: Key Skills and Worksheets

Fourth grade is when kids start learning how to coherently weave ideas into one another. The 4th grade grammar curriculum focuses on standard grammar and punctuation rules, as well as some fairly complex language usage rules and sentence writing.

4th grade grammar class of happy kids 4th grade grammar class of happy kids

Correctly Use Relative Pronouns and Adverbs

Fourth grade grammar includes relative pronouns and relative adverbs.

which vs that quiz

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Form and Use Progressive Verb Tenses

Fourth graders will be expected to become skilled with forming and correctly using progressive verb tenses.

conjugate progressive verb tenses

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Use Can, May and Must Correctly

Fourth grade grammar includes the proper usage of modal auxiliary verbs (can, may and must).

Use Adjectives in Proper Order

Fourth graders will expand on their knowledge of adjectives to put multiple adjectives in order within sentences.

order of adjectives quiz

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Form and Use Prepositional Phrases

Fourth grade grammar includes instruction on how to correctly structure and use prepositional phrases.

Master Sentence Structure

Fourth grade students will be expected to be able to consistently produce complete sentences.

Differentiate Between Commonly Confused Words

Fourth graders will learn how to tell the difference between some of the most commonly confused words.

Properly Use Quotation Marks

The 4th grade grammar rules include the basics of using quotation marks in text. This includes using quotation marks with speech and quotations from a text.


Mastering 4th Grade Grammar

Students have a lot to learn in fourth grade. This includes continuing to lay a strong foundation in grammar that will enable them to communicate effectively throughout their lives. To learn even more about what to expect in a 4th grade Common Core curriculum for English, review this list of common fourth grade vocabulary words. From there, explore a selection of fourth grade capitalization worksheets.