Free Sight Word Games

Free sight word games are available to play online. There are also word games to play in the classroom to help students learn sight words. In this article are links and explanations of free online sight word games.

Online Resources for Sight Word Games

Readquarium has several types of site word games:

  • Star Words - has a word pronounced and the player has to match the shape of it to an outline. The shape of a word is part of word recognition, especially sight words.
  • Make a Match - is a concentration game. When a match is made, the word is spoken.
  • Color Words - a memory game that uses the color words.
  • Missing Letters - has a word which is missing a letter and the player types it in. There is a list of 10 words at the bottom of the page.
  • Gisele's Pick and Click - has an assortment of word games.
  • Spellbound - displays a letter for a few seconds, it disappears, and then the player clicks and drags the letters to spell the word.

Family Learning is a great resource for links to other sites that offer free online sight word games and high frequency games. Some of the games are referenced on other sites as well:

  • Dinosaur Eggs - a cute game where you click on the dinosaur egg that has the word that is spoken. When you click the wrong one, nothing happens, so you have to try again. If you get the word right, then you get a leaf on the tree.
  • Dolce Word Games - a game where the student matches the sound of the word to the written word. This is the first game in a set that includes all the Dolch words.
  • High Frequency Word Games - a set of six games where you drag the correct word to fill in the blank in the sentence.
  • Roy the Zebra - a game where you help a zebra get ready for bed by matching 12 color words. This is a nice game and is fun for kids to play.

MRCPL is a site from the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library has:

  • Games using the Dolch sight words. In all the games, the word is spoken when the mouse rolls over it. The matching games will not only help student learn the sight words but also helps their concentration skills.
  • Stories with the sight words highlighted.
  • Frig Magnet Poetry allows the player to make sentences, poems, or stories. When the mouse is moved to a word, it is spoken. In some games, the word is inserted into a sentence.

ABCYa has learning games for Pre-K through Grade 5:

  • Sight Word Bingo
  • Crossword Puzzle Maker
  • Spanish Word Bingo
  • Word Frog - practice matching antonyms, synonyms and homonyms