Fun Exercises for Compound Words

Student practicing compound word assignments at school
    Student practicing compound word assignments at school
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Fun exercises for compound words can make learning about compound words enjoyable, and improve your students' vocabulary.

Compound Word Exercises


One of the fun exercises for compound words that you might like is to make a starburst with the first word in the middle. Then put the compound words in a circle around that first word. Use colored paper to make it more fun.

For this and other activities, you need to prepare a list of words and note how many compound words can be made from a specific base word.

Here are several base words with the number of possible compound words. These are geared for ages four to eight:

  • day - daybreak daydream daylight daytime
  • ear - earache eardrum earphone earring
  • wash - washboard washcloth washout washroom washtub
  • wood - woodcraft woodcutter woodland woodpecker woodwork
  • fire - firearm fireball firecracker firefly fireproof firework
  • hair - haircut hairdo hairdresser hairline hairpin hairbrush
  • down - downcast downfall downhearted downhill downpour downright downstairs downstream downtown downwind
  • grand - grandchild granddaughter grandfather grandmother grandparent grandson grandstand
  • news - newscast newsletter newspaper newsprint newsreel newsstand newsboy
  • eye - eyeball eyebrow eyeglass eyepiece eyesight eyesore eyestrain eyewitness
  • wind - windfall windmill windowpane windowsill windshield windsock windstorm windswept
  • foot - football footbridge footfall foothill foothold footpath footprint footrest footstool footwear
  • water - waterfall waterfowl waterfront watermark watermelon waterproof watershed waterspout watertight waterway waterworks
  • work - workbench workbook workday workhorse workhouse workman workmanlike workout workroom workshop worktable
  • sea - seaboard seacoast seafarer seagoing seasick seaside seaweed
  • head - headache headband headlight headline headphones headquarters
  • out - outbreak outcast outdoors outfield outcome outlook
  • under - underfoot underground underpass understand underwater
Compound Word Brainstorm Worksheet

Compound word brainstorm worksheet

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Compound Word Games

Another of the fun exercises for compound words would be matching games. Download the page below, print it out on heavy paper, and cut out the words to make a matching game.

Compound Word Matches Game

Compound word matches game

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Here are some other websites with word games.

  • First School has some fun interactive games for young learners ages four to eight.
  • Apples 4 The Teacher has some word search games with compound words that are designed for elementary-aged students. The games can be printed out and used in your classroom.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets has worksheets for all levels. These are ready to print out and use. One is a cut and paste activity.
  • School Express has 20 worksheets. Some of these are very simple, with the student just writing the compound word.

Interactive Games Online

At EZ School there is a great game that your students or children can play. It has 200 compound words. It's good because it has great graphics, fun music, and makes the kids read a hint to make a compound word. Therefore, the game would be for someone who has some reading ability at least first grade and above.

There are two games on Quia.

  • On the matching game, you have the two words that make up a compound word and you have to click on both of them.
  • In the concentration game, you have to remember where the words are and then match them up. has four different sets of games for level K through 2nd grade and 3rd through 5th grade.