Lesson Plan on Storytelling Traditions: Fables for Kids

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Storytelling lesson plan for first grade
    storytelling lesson plan for first grade
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Use this storytelling lesson plan to introduce your students to fables. Give students a clear understanding of fables through examples and use the activity to push the concept of fables.

Storytelling Lesson Plan

The art of storytelling and its history can be fascinating for kids. Get your first and second graders pumped about storytelling through this fun lesson plan.

Lesson Materials

To complete this lesson with your students, you need:

  • fables to read to the students
  • paper with space for words, sentences and picture

Lesson Objectives

After the completion of the lesson, students will:

  • answer questions about the story and predict what will happen next
  • offer their own examples of morals and lessons to the rest of the class
  • draw pictures and write sentences demonstrating their understanding of the lesson

Fable Lesson Plan: Reading and Questions

Start by giving students a short history of fables and oral traditions. Then, read a fable example out loud to the students. Select a book that is not too challenging for the students at beginning levels but not too boring for the more advanced students.

Throughout the course of the reading, stop and ask questions such as:

  • What do you think will happen next?
  • What is this character like?
  • Can you tell me what happened so far in the story?

These questions serve to introduce students to the art of storytelling and the important aspects of listening and reading

Teach Moral Concept and Discussion

Once the story is finished, introduce the concept of the moral of the story.

  1. Ask students the following question:
    1. What did you learn from listening to this story?
  2. Allow several students to provide answers.
  3. Use this discussion to segway into a brief lecture on the moral of a story.
  4. Provide a clear definition of the moral of a story.
  5. Use simple fairytales and fables examples students might know like Three Little Pigs and The Little Mermaid to dissect morals more clearly.
  6. Ask the students the following questions and write their answers on the board.
    1. What are some other lessons or morals that you know?
    2. What lessons or morals do you learn in your home.
    3. Have you read other stories with morals or lessons? What were they?

Storytelling Activities

Now that students know what a fable is, they can try their hands at dissecting and creating one.

Storytelling Drawing Activity

Before beginning this activity, you need to hand students a piece of paper.

  1. Either read aloud or allow students to choose a fable to read.
  2. Ask the students to draw a picture from the story, which shows the main character learning the lesson or moral.
  3. Underneath the story, students must write down the moral or lesson being demonstrated in the story.
  4. Circulate in the classroom to help with any questions regarding ideas, words, sentence structure, spelling and more.

Create Your Own Fable

Now that students have a solid understanding of fables, allow them to create their own fables. You can get creative with this by having them create a book with pictures. Alternatively, you could create a fable as a class.

Storytelling Lesson Plan Printable

For ease of access, you can download this printable lesson plan that covers the entire lesson.

storytelling lesson plan printable

Storytelling lesson plan

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Considerations for Teaching With Fables

When you are teaching elementary learners, you must keep many things in mind.

  • Be prepared to offer assistance to your students and remain patient if they are struggling with forming letters.
  • If you teach older students, you could still use this lesson plan as a framework and add different types of age-appropriate activities to the lesson plan to be suitable for the grade level.

Creating a Storytelling Lesson Plan

Fables lesson plans can be fun for your class. Not only will they enjoy the story being read, but they'll love the creativity of making their own fable. Keep the learning by going through these adjective lesson plans for elementary learners.