Lesson Plans for Teaching Compound Words to First Grade

Lesson Plans for Teaching Compound Words to First Grade
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If you are a first grade teacher, then you will definitely have to write up lesson plans for compound words. Many are available online plus you can easily prepare your own.

Where Do I Begin?

Start by setting the objectives that you have for your students learning about compound words. Ask yourself about your expectations for the students once you begin to teach the material. Your objectives should look similar to the following statements:

  • Students will begin to recognize compound words.
  • Student will be able to give the definition of a compound word.

These objectives are definitely important when you are trying to decipher what it is you truly want to teach your first grade class.

Lesson Plan Procedures: Compound Words

The sheer meat and potatoes of your proposed lesson plan for teaching compound words to your first grade class is of course your lesson procedure.

  • List what activity or work that your students will be doing. Are they going to be working on a worksheet, or will the class partake in a game?
  • Include an excerpt from your lesson. Let's say that you have decided to use flash card when teaching this lesson, but you have chosen to use flash cards and put the compound words to music, therefore creating a song. Your lesson except would include the song that you plan on using to teach the compound words. You might consider using a song that is recognizable to the students. For instance, if you used one of the songs from some of the nursery rhymes, the students may better recognize it and actually sing along.
  • Another possible activity is to have a colorful, picture-based worksheet that you make and give to each student. You can actually have the students draw a line from one item to the next so that they can form the compound word. For example if the word is "bookworm" you can have a picture of a book in one column and a picture of a worm in the next column. Then you can instruct the students to join the two by drawing a line.

The format for your lesson plan can be a simple outline or a more standardized template such as those shown on Instructor Web. Whatever you decide to do, you will find that making a lesson plan for your proposed compound words lesson will definitely be helpful.