Lesson Plans on Writing Short Stories

When teaching about short stories, it is imperative that you have lesson plans on writing short stories. Lesson plans provide the necessary structure needed by both the teacher and the students in order to better illustrate all of the components of a lesson. Organizing the lesson is the basic premise behind drafting a lesson plan. Think of it as preparing an outline for a major project. While you should strive to stick to the lesson plan, it is ok to be spontaneous. There are many components of lesson plans that mandate explanation in order to better take advantage of the functionality of the short story lesson plan.

Planning Your Lesson

Before you prepare your lesson plan you should consider:

  • Which components of the short story as a creative medium would you like to convey.

  • What do you want your students to take from your lessons?

  • What elements of a short story as a writing style are you emphasizing?

These are all questions that you should be asking yourself from an instructional point of view.

Let's say that you want your students to take the stylistic attributes with them as they continue on in their academic careers. You could put together a four to six lesson plan on short stories that will both convey what you want to convey to the students.

Within this lesson plan it is important that you take time out to focus on using descriptions as being a major part of your lesson. The short story is full of incredible descriptions so students really need to learn how to better work on descriptions. Below you will find a lesson plan for you to refer as an example.

Lesson Plans on Writing Short Stories 101

Every lesson plan has a title, teacher's information, contents of the short story, a purpose and objectives. Each section outlines the meaning and the assigned work of each section. See below for details.

Title: Short Stories

By: Professor Me

Subject: Language arts

Grade Level: 11-12

Purpose: To show the students that the short story medium of writing is both viable and practical in the marketplace. To teach students how to recognize elements of a short story. Additionally, the purpose of this lesson plan is to pique the interest of the students.

Objectives: Upon completion students will be able to recognize the elements of a short story. Better develop their functional writing skills and display experience writing creatively in the medium of the short story.

Activities and Procedures:

  • The class will read selected short stories by the teacher.

  • Through class discussions the teacher will illustrate the elements of a short story and assign homework assignments that do the same.

  • In class the students will strengthen their functional writing skills by preparing short stories.

  • The teacher will evaluate the short stories and present a few to the class for a peer review.

  • The class will discuss the short stories presented.

  • The teacher may assign another short story project this time it will timed and completed in class. At this point the innate objectives would have been reached and accomplished by both the teacher and the students.

The above is a general example of how your lesson plan and short stories should look. You need to have a purpose, objectives (which are your goals) and the activities that you intend to have the class perform. As you list the activities be as specific as possible. Also list what you as the teacher would be doing - what role will you play in assisting the students to grasp this subject. Once you do this you might see an influx of ideas come to you.

Lesson Plans on Writing Short StoriesLesson Plans on Writing Short Stories

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