Transition Words for Second Grade

Do you need tips on teaching transition words for second grade? Maybe you need some ideas on getting second graders to write more effectively? This article will give you some hints to help you and your students.

Basic Transition Words

Why use transition words? Using transition words is an effective way to:

  • Develop cause and effect relationships

  • Show sequence and order

  • Clarify where and how something happened

  • Assist in comparing and contrasting

Let's look at four groups of transition words for second grade with some examples of each:

  • Time Order - first, second, later, once, next, then, earlier, suddenly, meanwhile, last, finally, before, afterward, soon, immediately, yesterday, and tomorrow.

  • Cause/Effect Transition - because, since, so, if, therefore, as a result, of, then

  • Location/Descriptive Transition - among, nearby, above, below, opposite, next to, beneath, beside, in front of

  • Compare/Contrast Transition - like, although, but, in the same way, also, otherwise, however, on the other hand, unlike

Activities for Transition Words

When explaining transition words to second grade students, tell them they are learning to go with the flow. Transition words help connect the facts of the story in a way that the reader can follow along. They help in describing things, explaining when, where, and how things happened, and comparing one thing to another.

Here is a worksheet for practicing transition words. Before you have the students work on this, you may want to put the following sentences on the board and have the students identify the transition words:

  • Unlike other team members, Mary works hard.

  • First she went to school; then she attended dance class.

  • Although everyone said not to, he took the rocky path.

Transition Words Worksheet

A. Directions: Fill in the blank with a transition word that is listed.

before earlier soon finally later

  1. I have been starving all day. _______, I get to eat.

  2. _______ I go to bed, I brush my teeth.

  3. I am busy now, so _______, we can go to the mall.

  4. She was here _______, but is gone now.

  5. I hope the movie starts _______.

B. Directions: Circle the correct transition word.

  1. (Because, Then) it is cold outside, I will wear a coat.

  2. I don't know the answer, (if, so) I will guess.

  3. She ran really fast, (therefore, since) she is very tired.

  4. We will eat, (so, then) we will see the game.

  5. I failed the test, (since, then) I didn't study.

C. Directions: Circle the correct transition word.

but also otherwise on the other hand however

  1. (On the other hand, Like) rules are made to be broken.

  2. Get up early, (also, otherwise) you will be late.

  3. He is crazy, (but, also) I like him anyway.

  4. (Also, Because), I am going to see the play.

  5. (However, Also) you can make it work, just do it.

D. Directions: Fill in the blank with a transition word that is listed.

beneath among opposite in front of above

  1. Standing _______ me was a monster.

  2. _______ the branches of a large tree stood a lost child.

  3. _______ the clouds, the jet sparkled in the sun.

  4. _______ hundreds of three leaf clovers, I found a four leaf clover.

  5. _______ the door, on the other side of the room, there was a passageway.

E. Complete these sentences:

  1. Not long after,

  2. In the meantime,

  3. As a result,

  4. In other words,

  5. By the way,


A. 1. Finally 2. Before 3. later 4. earlier 5. soon

B. 1. because 2. so 3. therefore 4. then 5. since

C. 1. On the other hand 2. otherwise 3. but 4. also 5. However

D. 1. in front of 2. Beneath 3. Above 4. Among 5. Opposite

E. Answers will vary.

Transition Words for Second GradeTransition Words for Second Grade

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