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Pronoun Worksheets

Here are two pronoun worksheets for elementary and middle school grades. They will cover recognition of pronouns and their various functions under the grammatical rules. Students will recognize which form of a pronoun should be used in different sentences.

Personal Pronoun Worksheet

The first of the two pronoun worksheets will cover the personal pronouns:

I, me, he, him, she, her, we, they, us, and them.

A. Fill in the blank with "I" or "me."

  1. Mom drove _____ to school today.

  2. _____ really want that chocolate cake.

  3. Everyone is happy for _____.

  4. When ___ get home, I am going to bed.

  5. You drive much better than _____.

B. Fill in the blank with "she" or "her."

  1. Harry wrote a love poem for _____.

  2. Martha is certain of _____ facts.

  3. Debbie had a headache, so _____ took medicine.

  4. Andrea know that Bob is not as smart as _____.

  5. Ruth needed to take _____ dog to the vet.

C. Fill in the blank with "he" or "him."

  1. Randy's sister refused to give _____ the paper.

  2. When _____ fell out of the tree, he broke his arm.

  3. Did Sam tell you why _____ did not come to the party?

  4. Danny knows that Terry is better than _____.

  5. I told _____ about the celebration.

D. Fill in the blank with "we" or "us."

  1. She can not come with _____ today.

  2. After _____ eat, let's see a movie.

  3. Come on in and tell _____ the news.

  4. I know where _____ can go.

  5. Dad went with _____ to buy school supplies.

E. Fill in the blank with "they" or "them."

  1. Everybody knows _____ spilled the beans.

  2. If the peaches are not ripe, we will not buy _____.

  3. Take your shoes and put _____ in the closet.

  4. _____ are the best of friends.

  5. Will and Tom wish _____ could drive a car.


A. me, I, me, I, I

B. her, her, she, she, her

C. him, he, he, he, him

D. us, we, us, we, us

E. they, them, them, they, they

Possessive Pronoun Worksheet

This pronoun worksheet is geared for grades four through eight. It covers possessive pronouns and the proper usage of "you, your, yours, you're", "whose, who, who's" and "their, theirs, they're."

A. Write the correct possessive pronoun in the blank.

Possessive pronouns: mine, his, hers, its, yours, ours, theirs

  1. You can order whatever you want. The choice is _____.

  2. All my friends like to cook. Cooking is a favorite activity of _____.

  3. My brother and I bought a car together to share, so it is _____.

  4. The candy belongs to Sarah. It is _____.

  5. I bought the food so it is _____.

B. Underline the proper pronoun or contraction.

  1. If (you, your, yours, you're) not careful you will be out of money.

  2. My painting does not compare to (you, your, yours, you're).

  3. If (you, your, yours, you're) don't believe me, ask my mom.

  4. You left (you, your, yours, you're) coat over here.

  5. Don't talk while (you, your, yours, you're) eating.

  6. Those (whose, who, who's) have died will be remembered.

  7. I need to find out (whose, who, who's) paper this is so I can return it.

  8. It is important to know (whose, who, who's) going to the play.

  9. There's the man (whose, who, who's) team won the tournament

  10. Do you remember (whose, who, who's) going to treat us to dinner?

  11. During (their, theirs, there's) reign, the king and queen were fair and just.

  12. (Their, Theirs, There's) no reason we can not go today.

  13. Some friends of (their, theirs, there's) are spending the weekend.

  14. I think (their, theirs, there's) a possibility of rain tomorrow.

  15. Cats are known for (their, theirs, there's) agility.


A. yours, theirs, ours, hers, mine

B. you're, yours, you, your, you're, who, whose, who's, whose, who's, their, there's, theirs, there's, their

Pronoun WorksheetsPronoun Worksheets

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