Action Verb Worksheets

There are action verb worksheets for various levels online that can be printed out. Action verbs are the easiest for children to learn so these are elementary school level. Also included are some fun games and activities for the classroom.

Action Verb Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets has several worksheets that are ready to use and most supply the answer key. Here is a list:

  • Action Verbs 1 is a one page worksheet that defines an action verb and the student circles the action verb.

  • Action Verbs 2 has the student underlining the predicate and writing the action verb.

  • This worksheet has the students picking out the action verb from a list of words.

  • This worksheet explains action verbs and the students circle the verb in the sentence. The second section covers nouns and verbs. There is no answer key for this one.

  • Play Poem is different from the other action verb worksheets. It is a poem and the students circle the action verb with a red crayon. Then the students write their own poem in the same style as the other poem.

School Express has nine, one -page action verb worksheets. The answers are also available on the site. They also offer helping verb, regular verb, irregular verb, and non-action verb worksheets.

ESL Tower has six worksheets and puzzles that can be printed. There are four crossword puzzles, a game board and instructions, and a worksheet with restaurant related action verbs.

Verb Games Online

One fun verb game online is found at EZ School. In this interactive game, you help Dino cross the bridge by picking the correct verb to complete a sentence.

There is an action verb catching game at ESL Games. Sentences and pictures have to be caught and sorted into boxes that have action verbs on them.

In this cute game at PBS Kids, you click on a word, you hear the word, and then the word does whatever it represents. For example, if the word is "melted", then the letters melt on the screen. Some of the words are: squeeze, flip, shrink, bounce, pop, shake, and spin.

Classroom Action Verb Games

Along with the action verb worksheets, you might need some fun activities or action verb games. Here are a few that are easy and fun for the kids.

Action Verb Animals

Find a picture of an animal, cut it out, and paste it in the center of a large piece of paper. Have each student write an action verb that would go with that animal. You could have a theme, like jungle or safari animals if you wish. This activity works well for adjectives, too. It is also nice to hang up in the room for a bit.

Fairy Tale Mad Libs or Nursery Rhyme Mad Libs

It is easy to do and also easy to adapt to different levels. Just take a simplified version of a fairy tale or nursery rhyme and leave out any action verbs. Then have the students make up a list of action verbs to insert in the story. Some of the stories will be very funny.

For example:

Little Red Riding Hood was ___ in the forest. The wolf was scary so she _ to Grandmother's house. She told her grandmother that she had _ some cookies for her. They _ the cookies and she ___ home.

You get the idea. With more advanced students, you can ask for a verb that ends with "ing" or a verb with a certain tense.

This is a good activity for pairs of students that can write pretty well. Cut out a big "V" from construction paper for each team. Each kid takes a turn acting out an action verb and the other team member writes the action verb on the "V." You can give them a limit on the number of words if you wish or have a time limit. After they are done, share the action verbs with one another. This is a great activity for a Friday afternoon.

Action Verb WorksheetsAction Verb Worksheets

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