Past Tense Verb Worksheets

Students often struggle to learn the irregular forms that are associated with the past tense of verbs and past tense verb worksheets can help. Teachers have been sharing their worksheets online that are helpful when it comes to effective teaching methods related to past tense verbs. Help your students learn about past tense verbs by introducing past tense verb worksheets into your lesson plans.

Past Tense Verb Worksheets Past Tense Verb Worksheets

Finding Effective Verb Worksheets

On the one hand, it is relatively easy to find great verb worksheets online that deal with past tense verbs. Not only is it easy - it is usually free!

  • Most of the time, you will find your worksheets on free sites.
  • Some special teacher websites are also completely free, but require that you create a profile and log in.
  • Other websites require a small registration fee, payable once, monthly, or annually, depending on the site.

Customize Worksheets to Meet Your Needs

You might not be able to find exactly what you are looking for online. In fact, most teachers do not; so, they use what they find online to create their own customized worksheets for their students. For example, you might find a worksheet style for sixth grader that you like, but the learning level is far beyond what your fourth grade students are capable of. Simply download the worksheet and change the vocabulary or wording to work well for your students.

Or, you might find a great worksheet that explains past tense verbs very well, but you do not like the actual exercises offered. Get creative and replace these exercises on the worksheets with ones you like. Some teachers combine worksheets or elements of worksheets that they like into packets in order to effectively teach concepts that surround past tense verbs.

Downloading Free Worksheets

When you go ahead and download the worksheets, make sure you run an anti-virus to make sure the downloads are safe. You can probably trust these articles and websites, but you might rather be safe than sorry. The best things in life might be free, but on the Internet, free downloads are susceptible to viruses.

Where to Find Worksheets

Just enter the keywords "past tense verb worksheets" into a search engine, or visit your favorite teacher tools website to do a direct search through their worksheet archives.

You can also find past tense verb worksheets at the following websites:

  • Super Teacher Worksheets - This site has a comprehensive collection of verb worksheets, including those relating to past tense verbs. Worksheets are organized according to the type of verb, such as action verb worksheets. There is also a handy verb tense chart available on the site as well to help students remember each of the different verb tenses.
  • Teaching Ideas - This website contains lots of useful information about teaching verbs to students, including two printable worksheets related to creating past tense verbs and to changing past tense verbs to present tense. There is a comment section available on this website so teachers can leave comments for each other and exchange useful information about how a worksheet worked in their class.
  • Boggles World ESL - On this website, you will find worksheets and flash cards specifically geared towards irregular verbs, which are some of the toughest things for non-native speakers to learn.

Teachers have different approaches to using worksheets to teach past tense verbs: some print worksheets to have on hand when students need busy work, while some use more targeted worksheets in order to teach concepts.

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