Present Tense Verb Worksheets

Present tense verb worksheets can be an invaluable teacher tool. Teachers are always looking for new ways to teach their students about the present tense:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • How to form the present tense

One way to help your students master the concept of the present tense is to encourage them to use present tense verb worksheets. Teachers can find these worksheets online for their students, and they can encourage their students to go online and find worksheets for themselves.

By introducing present tense worksheets into your lesson plans, you can help your students learn these concepts about present tense verbs more quickly and efficiently.

Finding the Right Present Tense Verb Worksheets for Your Students

It can be tricky to find the right present tense verb worksheets for your needs. You might not find exactly what you need online, but you can certainly get great ideas for creating your own worksheets. Consider:

  • Copying a style you like and changing the vocabulary
  • Building packets full of the worksheets that you like

Consider your needs and your students' needs:

  • Do you want them to learn to identify the present tense?
  • Are they supposed to learn how to conjugate verbs correctly in the present tense?
  • Maybe they are required to use the present tense correctly in a sentence that is provided, or even make up a sentence in the present tense on their own.

Some students are really great with all of these concepts, and yet still do not have a good handle on what times are appropriate for using the present tense and the effect that it has on the grammatical structure of a sentence or story. There are worksheets available to help you teach all of these concepts to your students.

Some students also log on and find worksheets about the present tense for themselves. If they are going to be having a big test about the present tense, they often will search for worksheets that will help them practice their skills.

Sharing Provides Free Worksheets

The great thing about worksheets online is that most of them are completely free of charge. Most teachers are eager to share their worksheets and ideas with other teachers.

You can find great teacher websites that have hundreds of free worksheets about verbs that focus on the present tense, but you might be required to log in as a member of the site. Other websites might charge you a small fee for log in or per download. However, most teachers are happy to pass their work along free of charge, and you can find worksheets on the present tense verbs usually for free.

Worksheet Resources

The following websites can provide you with a wealth of great verb worksheets:

  • Teaching ESL to Adults - This website is a growing resource for teachers and tutors teaching English as a Second Language to adultsThis site is a resource for teachers teaching English as a second language to adults, the worksheets and teaching information can be useful to any teacher who is teaching verb tense to students.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets - On this site, you can find a wealth of worksheets about any and every grammatical subject you could wish to teach... including present tense verbs. The catalog of worksheets is organized by subject and is simple and easy to use in order to find the right worksheet to meet your needs.

    Present Tense Verb Worksheets

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