Verb Worksheets

Verb worksheets are practical for individuals who are trying to learn verbs, whether they are students in a traditional classroom, ESL learners, or any other person trying to ehance his or her study of the English language.

Verb and Verb Tense Worksheets

Here are some ideas for creating verb worksheets for classes or other individuals:

  • Distribute a list of familiar verbs to the students. Ask the students to determine which verbs are regular and which verbs are irregular.

  • Write the traditional form of some verbs on a worksheet. Have students conjugate them in the past, present, and future tenses.

  • Present a handout with sentences that are missing the verb. Have students fill in the proper verb in the proper tense.

  • In order to teach two lessons, have students circle the noun and underline the verb in sentences. Doing so will also help to teach subject-verb agreement.

  • Some students struggle with the fact that singular forms of verbs often take an "s." Therefore, any worksheets that develop skills in the area of subject-verb agreement are important.

  • For beginning students, create a "web of woods" handout. Draw or create a circle on a computer program, and put a number of different words inside. Ask students to note which are verbs with an underline, highlighter, etc.

If you are looking for some premade worksheets, you can look at this following list of sample sheets:

  • Action verbs Students are prompted to identify and mark off action verbs in a variety of sentences.

  • Tenses This activity requires participants to both identify the verb and state which tense it is in.

  • More action verbs In addition to finding the action verbs, students must also find the predicate.

  • Chart Students fill out a chart of verb tenses.

  • Find the verb On this worksheet, students have to find the verb. This activity is most suitable for beginning learners.

  • Coloring Included with an answer key to make grading easier for teachers, this worksheet asks students to color in boxes based on what tense of the word is being used.

Using Verb Worksheets

Verb worksheets are useful in the classroom, whether it be for new learners or to refresh the memories of more advanced students. These worksheets and worksheet ideas are also helpful for ESL students. Furthermore, professionals need to brush up on their skills once and a while as well. There is no reason why they cannot use simple worksheets too. Sometimes sticking with the basics is the best way to refresh peoples' minds, that way complicated and unneeded information does not come into the picture.

Verb WorksheetsVerb Worksheets

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