Verb Worksheets: Free Printables for All Grade Levels

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elementary student practicing verb worksheet
    elementary student with verb worksheet
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It's so important for students to master how to use verbs effectively. Strong lesson plans are important for in-class instruction, but students also need hands-on practice. Verb worksheets are great tools to help students learn new verb skills and to reinforce and improve what they have already learned.

Basic Verb Activities

You don't have to invent all of your own worksheets from scratch or spend a lot of money purchasing activities. These free verb worksheets are a great way to provide your students with plenty of options to hone their language arts skills.

linking verbs

Linking Verbs Printable List

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Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Exercises

Once students have started to master the basic types of verbs, they'll need to learn about subject-verb agreement. Not only do they need to know what subject-verb agreement means, they also need to learn how to recognize and correct issues.

subject verb agreement worksheet

Subject verb agreement worksheet middle high school

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Irregular Verb Worksheets

Once students are on the path to becoming proficient with using verbs correctly, it'll be time to remind them that English grammar has plenty of exceptions to the rules. That's when the conversation will need to turn to irregular verbs.

irregular verb worksheet a

Irregular verb worksheet

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Verb Tense Worksheets

As if dealing with irregular verbs isn't confusing enough, students also need to master the main verb tenses. These worksheets start with present and past tense then add in future. From there, the more complex verb tenses are covered.

conjugate progressive verb tenses

Conjugate progressive verb tenses chart

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Verb Relationship Worksheets

To fully understand how to use verbs, students can't focus on verbs in isolation. Worksheets with activities that combine verb identification or usage with other parts of speech are a great tool for helping students synthesize what they have learned.

diagram sentences with prepositional phrases

Diagram Sentences Prepositional Phrases worksheet

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More Educational Verb Activities

Worksheets are a great resource for reinforcing students' knowledge of verbs and seeing if they are able to apply what they have learned. However, they're certainly not the only type of activity you should use. Make sure there are options for students of all learning styles. To introduce more variety, consider incorporating some fun verb games and activities for kids into your lesson plans. Always be on the lookout for verb activities that can help enhance student learning.