Words That Start With X, Y and Z For Kids

The three last letters of the English language are also some of the rarest. Words that start with X, Y, and Z can be a challenge for kids, because it can be difficult to find words, especially age-appropriate words, to engage them. In particular, very few words in English, and even fewer appropriate to younger learners, start with the letter X.

Words That Start With X, Y and Z For Kids Words That Start With X, Y and Z For Kids

We're here to help. Here follow 50 X, Y, and Z words for kids from preschool to 4th grade, along with a letter X, Y, and Z activity.

Preschool/Kindergarten Words That Start With X, Y, Z

In some ways, our three tricky letters are the easiest to teach your youngest learners. Rather than having to worry about their written frequency, you can introduce them to the sounds the letters make and help them make the all-important connection to the shape of the letters on the page. These are some X, Y and Z words for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

  • Yarn: Strand of thread used for knitting, sewing, and weaving
  • Yawn: Long, open-mouthed breath, often taken when someone is tired
  • Year: 365 days, the time it takes the Earth to go around the sun
  • Yell: To speak out loudly, especially when it's unwelcome
  • Yellow: Color of the sun or a banana.
  • Yes: Affirmative, a statement indicating you agree
  • You: The second person, someone being spoken to
  • Zap: To hit with energy
  • Zoo: Place where people can go to see wild animals
  • Zoom: To move quickly

With pre-literate learners, the challenges of X, Y, and Z fade away; they're just sounds like all the other letters. Help them make the connection between those sounds and written text with our trace-the-letter letter Y activity.

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1st Grade Words That Start With X, Y, and Z

As your students start to read, X, Y and Z become trickier. As with preschool, there aren't too many words starting with X appropriate for a first-grade reading level, and the Y and Z words for kids are comparatively rare. That makes working with vocabulary especially important. Help your students get their heads around these unusual words and they'll have the confidence to take on more complex words as they progress through school.

  • Yak: Furry, four-footed beast of burden from Asia
  • Yet: So far, up to this time
  • Yowl: Loud, high-pitched yell, like an angry cat
  • Young: Early age, not old
  • Zebra: Black and white striped horse from Africa
  • Zero: Number representing nothing, no amount
  • Zilch: Zero, nothing
  • Zing: Energy, excitement
  • Zipper: Connector linking two lines of metal teeth, often found on clothes
  • Zone: Area, or a particular place

We've deliberately chosen words that either summon up a vivid image, like "yak," "zebra," and "zipper," or can be used as the basis of high-energy games, like "yowl," "zilch," and "zone." If you can get your students physically engaged with letter Y and letter Z activities built around these words, you'll be sure they've learned them.

2nd Grade Words That Start With X, Y, and Z

With most initial letters, second grade is when students start to recognize several words as part of their own conversational vocabulary. Not so with our tail-end oddities. Your second-grade students are just becoming aware of words that start with X and Z, though Y words for kids are more common. Support this increasing familiarity with this list of Z, Y and especially X words for kids.

  • Xmas: Short form of "Christmas"
  • X-ray: Medical procedure that lets doctors see bones, and the kind of energy used for that procedure
  • Yam: Orange African sweet potato
  • Yank: To pull sharply or tug
  • Yelp: Short, sharp shout
  • Yummy: Tasty, good to eat
  • Zeal: Excitement, motivation for a cause or idea
  • Zigzag: To move back and forth sharply
  • Zillion: Informal word for a large number
  • Zombie: Walking dead person

As with first grade, physical activities play an important role in helping second graders with their vocabulary. Give them an opportunity to run in a zigzag or shamble around like zombies. Build some letter Y activities around "yank" or "yelp" (we apologize to your eardrums for the second one) and you'll guarantee their intuitive grasp of the words.

3rd Grade Words That Start With X, Y, and Z

By third grade, your students should have a few X, Y or Z words in their vocabulary. This is an opportunity to reinforce that, and at the same time expand their linguistic horizons with some words derived from international cultures.

  • Xi: 14th letter of the Greek alphabet
  • Xia: Old word for the country of China
  • Yammer: Fast, uninteresting talk
  • Yen: Japanese money
  • Yon: At a distance, away
  • Zany: Something funny or silly
  • Zeppelin: Big blimp
  • Zinc: Silver-blue metal, number 30 on the periodic table
  • Ziti: Tube-shaped pasta
  • Zucchini: Oblong green squash

For your third graders, we've chosen words that will engage their imagination. They may have to reach for a dictionary (or YourDictionary!) to find out what they mean, but once they do, they will have exciting stories to explore. Something as small as passing around a piece of zinc can create that tactile connection with a larger linguistic world.

4th Grade Words That Start With X, Y, Z

As of fourth grade, hopefully, your students will be reading more actively and engaging with text. This opens up new avenues of learning, even with some of the rarest letters in English.

  • Xenon: Inert gas commonly used in so-called "neon" lights, number 54 on the periodic table
  • Xenophobic: Frightened of or bigoted against foreigners
  • Xylophone: Percussion instrument played by striking mallets against tuned pieces of wood
  • Yield: Give up, surrender
  • Yip: Sharp, high-pitched sound made by an animal, often a dog
  • Yoga: Exercise and meditation that focuses on flexibility
  • Yogi: Someone who teaches yoga
  • Zapper: Something that zaps; informal word for a device that delivers electric signals or shocks
  • Zealot: Fanatic, someone with excessive zeal
  • Zine: Self-published magazine

Our fourth-grade words are designed to spark discussion. "Zapper" is a chance to talk about formal versus informal language. "Zealot" is a perfect way to explore the idea of connotations: "zeal" is often a positive quality, but "zealot" is almost never a compliment. At this level of learning, words should encourage students to indulge their curiosity and read more widely.

The XYZ Factor

Rare letters lead to rare learning opportunities. Words that start with X, Y, and Z can make for challenging teaching topics, especially at younger ages, but they also open up the more obscure corners of the English language. Teach students to love the "treasure hunt" aspect of learning odd and unknown words, and you'll have given them reason to love language for the rest of their lives.

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