Basic Sight Words for Kindergarten

If you are a kindergarten teacher you will more than likely need to put together a list of basic sight words. In order to do that, it may be necessary to review all of the basic sight words for young children. Putting together a list of basic sight words may be easier than you think.

It may be helpful to review the Dolch Word list so that you can come up with a good list of sight words to work from. Be sure to only use words in the kindergarten list.

You can also take a look at the suggestions below. All of the suggested sight words have been taken from the Dolch word list section that caters towards learners on a kindergarten level.

Dolch List: Basic Sight Words for Kindergarten

There are just about 220 sight words on the Dolch word list for students who are in preschool through grade three. However there is a specific list for kindergarten students. You should have no problem gathering the words that you need.

Within the list there are four sets of Dolch words. Within each set there are a list of anywhere between six and eighteen words. Try to concentrate on one set of sight words at a time.

Here are the kindergartner Dolch site words:

  • all

  • am

  • are

  • at

  • ate

  • be

  • black

  • brown

  • but

  • came

  • did

  • do

  • eat

  • four

  • get

  • good

  • have

  • he

  • into

  • like

  • must

  • new

  • no

  • now

  • on

  • our

  • out

  • please

  • pretty

  • ran

  • ride

  • saw

  • say

  • she

  • so

  • soon

  • that

  • there

  • they

  • this

  • too

  • under

  • want

  • was

  • well

  • went

  • what

  • white

  • who

  • will

  • with

  • yes

Teaching Kindergartners with Sight Words

There are many ways to teach kindergarten students how to recognize sight words.

Flash Cards

The most common way to use sight words is to use flash cards. You can take all four sets of kindergarten sight words and make flashcards using index cards and markers. The more colorful you make them, the more apt your kindergarten students will be to remember all of the words.

Animated Movie

Another way to introduce site words is to make an animated movie. This is less complicated than it sounds because you can do this in PowerPoint.

You can animate the words and add icons and all kinds of fun graphics. Be sure that you use a large and rounded font. When you look at word books tailored toward kindergartners, you will notice that all of the fonts are large fonts with fun, rounded edges to make it easier for kindergarten students to recognize and remember the words.

Set Words to Music

Definitely, one of the more fun things to do in order to help students learn sight words is to set the words to music. Little children love singing fun, kid songs. That is one reason why shows like Sesame Street, Barney, and the Electric Company are such a hit. Try making up some fun songs of your own similar to the students' favorite television shows. With the added fun of music, you might be able to garner the prolonged attention of more children and help them to learn their sight words.

Developing a Lesson Plan

For teaching kindergartners basic sight words, you should consider putting together a lesson plan. Be sure to remember to add the fun into the lesson plans.

Take a close look at the resources you have around you in the classroom. Come up with a few objectives and goals which you would like your kindergartners to accomplish.

The next part of your lesson should show how you intend to teach the reading and spelling of the sight words to the class. Are you planning on using flash cards, playing games or will there be another teaching method that you use?

Before you know it you will have a rock solid plan on how to teach your students about their basic sight words.

Basic Sight Words for KindergartenBasic Sight Words for Kindergarten

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